Warm regards to you. Bagentafurniture has been established to deal with Furniture business since 2004. With first experience in Natural products, in time nowadays we are being an advanced company who could serve and provide you a Finest Quality products both indoor and outdoor purpose for reasonable prices.


Bagentafurniture is  a  semi  trading  company  (producer and exporter). In producing products, Bagentafurniture works together synergic with its reliable partners since framing, weaving and finishing, providing the Finest Quality as main concern. All of the activities regarding each step in production process are fully under Bagentafurniture’s arrangement and control. Bagentafurniture provides living chair, dining chair, terrace chair, screen, lamps, and other products as long as Synthetic rattan, Natural Rattan, loom, and wood used as raw materials (Bagentafurniture also open to develop your models as samples of production).


For outdoor use furniture, Bagentafurniture also develop products using synthetic weaving materials with aluminum framing in chairs, tables, and chaise lounge. The weaving method makes our product becomes very neat and constructively strong.


By the above method of production, hence Bagentafurniture production capacity becomes very flexible, in other words we can handle both big and small order quantity in less problem and efficient, with lead time 6-8 weeks after order confirmation, depending on the kind of products.


Please know Bagentafurniture more by exploring us deeper. Thank you for your visit.

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